From inspiration to innovation.

Lindsey Roddy was working as a critical care RN in an intensive care unit with open-heart surgery patients when she almost lost one of her patients due to a medical tubing hazard. While assisting a patient getting out of bed after surgery, the line carrying the patient’s life support tangled and was accidentally pulled out of his neck.

After being unable to find anything on the market that could have prevented this problem, and hearing from other nurses that this was not an isolated incident, Lindsey began to design something that would prevent this from ever happening again.

Healthcare facilities spend an additional $266M each year replacing 19M vascular access devices that are accidentally pulled out from acute care patients every year.
Lindsey founded Roddy Medical and designed SecureMove-TLC®, a new standard in medical line securement technology. The patent-pending, FDA registered medical device is a wearable, single-use device that can be worn for 30-days. SecureMove transfers easily from the patients arm to an IV pole, secures 8 tubes, lines, cords, and transducers can mitigate over 80+ pounds of pull force.